Shreediamonds.com was created to offer you a convenient, reliable and affordable way of shopping for the finest diamonds. We offer a large selection of loose diamonds and certified diamonds at competitive prices.

What makes a diamond beautiful?

It's all about diamond brilliance! Of the many characteristics of a diamond that contribute to its beauty, diamond brilliance is the most important. Diamond brilliance is defined as the reflection of a bright white light from the facets of the diamond and is determined by the artistry of the cutting and polishing. Each facet must be cut and shaped with precision, and placed with perfect symmetry.

What is the right amount to spend when buying diamonds?

The selection of beautiful diamonds is almost limitless today. For virtually every budget, there is an option that will surely please the one you love. So, what is the right number? If you're buying a diamond, the commonly accepted guideline for purchasing diamonds is two month's salary. That number may work for some people and not for others, but it's a good amount to start.

Why should I buy an unset Diamond rather than a finished product?

When it comes for diamond jewelry, you most probably invest in the Diamond and not in ring, earring etc. The price for setting is not relevant in comparison to the stone. You want the best stone possible for your money. How can you check that out? For this reason you can go with unset Diamond. By the way, never consult an appraiser that was recommended to you by someone else. Always choose yourself as per your requirement and budget.

Am I really getting a fair price and value?

The Internet gives you the opportunity to research and find the best value for your budget. We urge you to compare stones on our website to anyone else on the internet. We are confident that all of our diamonds are priced to beat the competition because we are the manufacturer and stone supplied directly from the factory so there is no middle man between us.

Are all of your diamonds natural?

Yes, we only carry natural diamonds and do not sell laboratory or man-made diamonds.

What can client expect from Shree Diamonds?

Our Client can expect the best quality of product and service from us. We try our level best to satisfy our customer expectation in all possible manners.

How can I contact you?

You can Contact our customer care Executive – through email info@shreediamonds.in or Tel: +91 9898773044 or directly visit to our affiliated office

How do I inquire about Diamond?

You can inquire about diamond by browsing our stock with registration. Or mail us on inquiry@shreediamonds.in

How do I differentiate between Retail Buyers and wholesale Buyers ?

For us, the Wholesale Buyers are the ones who have been involved in bulk or volume buying consistently or those members who are associated with us as a part of our sales system through specific offices. Diamond Traders, Jewellery Manufactures, Retail Shops fall under this category.

We define our buyer on his puchases value in diffrent categories like Diamond,Gold,Silver and Generel.for Gold , silver and Diamond memeber free shipping on purchase of 10000 USD and above. For others free shipping on purchase of 15000 USD and above

What kind of support will be available to the client?

We support and guide our client for the best purchase as per their requirement. And more over we educate them about the product. We are known for our best client services.

Will the diamond look the way that I would like it to?

After viewing the actual diamond with the original certificate you are under no obligation to keep the diamond you purchased. You have the option of returning the diamond for a refund if it did not meet your expectations.

Do you have stock of all diamonds displayed on your site?

We have an apt Inventory management system and our Live servers are updated instantly on each purchase. This ensures you of live stocks every time when you visit our website. However, under any unavoidable untoward situation, our stock is subject to availability at the time of your request.